Our Baking Process

We consistently deliver high quality products to our valued customers. This is accomplished by employing skilled bakers who pride themselves on using the best technology and equipment available to ensure the deliciousness of every bite.

The bakery utilizes both a Revent 724 Double Rack and an Ultimate-LF Cement-Lined Vapor Tube Stone Hearth Deck ovens. Both of these assist the bakery in upholding the standards of our breads, pastries and desserts, widening our range of products available to the public on a daily basis and allowing us to contribute to the important initiative of “Going Green” by using the most energy efficient tools.

The Revent 724 maintains the integrity of the recipe by distributing a low velocity of air steam in an upwards motion. This prevents your favorite artisan breads, cakes and cookies from drying out and guarantees that they will be moist and fresh for days to come.

Our Ultimate-LF Cement-Lined Vapor Tube Stone Hearth Deck Oven with Front Loader allows us to bake a product that transports your taste buds to a time when all baking came from a small brick oven. The vapor tube technology supplies heat evenly and increases the oven’s ability to retain heat to create consistency and flavor.

The main objective of Mediterraneo Bakery in using this innovative technology is to ensure that we consistently produce great quality desserts and breads and always have a large and varied supply on hand for our customers to enjoy.


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